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Wednesday 18th May 2022

Thursday, June 18th, 2020

The British government has spent 200 million pounds on prevent in the past five years according to a minister’s response to a question from Naz Shah MP in parliament last year.

Ben Wallace MP who was a minister in the Home Office at the time responded to a question from Naz Shah MP in May 2019 on the annual budget for prevent. The budget was:

2014/15 – £26.7m
2015/16 – £42.8m
2016/17 – £37.7m
2017/18 – £45.5m
2018/19 – £47.3m

This comes to a total of 200 million pounds, this was in a period of austerity.

This figure must be contrasted with what can only be seen as a series of failures of the prevent project since its ideological turn under the Tory government. These failures include:

  1. A series of terrorist attacks in 2017 that were not prevented resulting in the deaths of many people.
  2. A continuing series of attempts at terrorist attacks as reported by MI5 on an annual basis which indicates that prevent is still not working.
  3. One of the largest numbers of supporters from a country who were willing to travel to support ISIS, estimates are at around 600. Many countries with much larger Muslim populations had far fewer numbers of ISIS supporters.
  4. A large number of completely innocent Muslims that have been falsely and pointlessly interviewed as a result of prevent screening.
  5. The general perception of prevent being toxic within the Muslim community. Most Muslim organisations continue to refuse to engage with prevent.

The government has put prevent under review and is looking for an independent reviewer of the policy at present.

MuslimView has written on ‘What to do about Prevent?‘ previously.


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