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Wednesday 18th May 2022

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Any community that seeks to define its own future must be willing to at least respect and value itself.

We have been subject to a campaign of negative reporting for far too long. Many of us hope that these problems will go away. It seems, however, that the community is an easy target for lazy journalists and their paymasters on what has become a fascinating topic for the public. At this rate we will remain subject to a form of cultural devaluation for a long time to come. The consequences of a persistent form of cultural devaluation are serious.

How have we, as a community, responded?

In the realm of culture, there are many Muslim journalists. There are also many Muslim academics.

But there is no mainstream community newspaper which tells our story from our perspective.

It is time for us to represent ourselves through our own online community newspaper. We can challenge the mainstream media narrative by providing alternative accounts and perspectives through this medium.

Many of us have committed ourselves to community projects which are successful, but the life of the community is intrinsically related to its self-perception especially within the modern mediadominated context. We therefore cannot ignore the media and its stigmatisation of our identity.

For those that wish to support this venture, there are two ways that you can help:

1. Contribute to the content of MuslimView through offering your own content:
a) News articles on positive developments in your community
b) Comment pieces that offer new and original perspectives, especially when negative and dominant narratives need to be challenged
c) Photos on life in your community
d) Accounts of local, everyday encounters
e) Encouraging others to write

2. Support MuslimView through financial contributions. This not-for-profit venture will flourish through advertising revenues and donations from its supporters. The costs include website maintenance and staff salaries. We are seeking one hundred supporters who can pay fifty pounds per month towards this venture. Or two hundred supporters who can pay twenty five pounds per month.

If you are one of those that recognises the value of investing in self-representation and feel that we
need our own vantage point from which we can project our own story then please get in touch.

For contributing articles or other material to the website please contact the webmaster/editor
Masud Khan on

If you would like to financially support the project then please contact Atif Imtiaz at

MuslimCulture Ltd
Al Rayan Bank
Sort Code: 300083
Account Number: 01307301

or via PayPal

or donate via PayPal