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Wednesday 18th May 2022

MCB elects new Secretary General

Zara is the first female leader of any major Muslim organization in British Muslim history.



Inquiry into Manchester Arena bombing continues

The Inquiry into the terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena continues. It was set up as a response to the Inquests into the 22 deaths from the terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena on 22 May 2017.

Labour Muslim Network report highlights lack of progress

The Labour Party has relied on Muslim voters to win many ‘safe seats’ and prides itself on its values of fairness and equality. This report highlights that there is still some distance to travel to help Muslim members of the Party feel that they are welcome and safe in the Labour Party.

Ground-breaking report analyses the media’s reporting on terrorism

This report published by the Centre for Media Monitoring compared the reporting of terrorist attacks committed by Muslims and those by far-right activists over a four year period.

British Muslim charities rise to the challenge

194 Muslim charities responded to the pandemic crisis through supporting vulnerable people, opening food banks and helping people who are self-isolated, a report by the Muslim Charities Forum found.

British Muslims and the gender question

British Muslim women have been calling for progress on issues of gender equality, but change is too slow.

Nabeel Al-Azami: A leader in HR

Nabeel Al-Azami was probably the foremost human resources specialist in the British Muslim community and as the head of the consultancy, Murabbi, was leading an organisation that had already begun to make its mark in ethical leadership development. His passing has left a great hole in the British Muslim community.

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