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Thursday 30th June 2022

Write for MuslimView

MuslimView is looking for writers.

We live in an era when media focus on the Muslim community is at all time high. On a daily basis we see a number of stories that concern the Muslim community and most of the time the stories are negative and push an anti-Muslim agenda. There are very few authentic Muslim voices in the mainstream media and often times we are chasing the agenda rather than setting it. MuslimView is an opportunity to redress this imbalance and reclaim some of the narrative and agenda setting back from mainstream media.

Are you are a seasoned journalist looking to cover stories that you care about that concern British Muslims but can’t get those stories published?

Are you an upcoming Muslim journalist looking for a space to get published and noticed?

Are you an expert in a certain field looking to gain wider exposure for the work that you are doing?

Are you a social media commentator or a blogger who writes well, and can express thoughts, ideas and opinions in a thoughtful and engaging style?

If so, MuslimView is the platform to share your writing. MuslimView is starting to get noticed by the mainstream media and by politicians, so if you have something to say, an opinion, analysis, advice, then MuslimView will happily consider submissions for publication.

We are looking for opinion pieces of 800-1200 words length. Analysis and feature articles up to 2500 words. Additionally, we would like to hear “encounter” stories of your daily interaction with wider society, interesting and engaging stories of discussions and interaction with everyday people.

MuslimView also publishes reviews of books, films, events relevant to British Muslims and British Muslim society. Reviews can be up to 800 words.

One of our long term objectives is to develop a strong base of citizen journalism in the British Muslim community. There is an immense amount of untapped and undeveloped writing talent in our community, MuslimView is committed to developing this for the future benefit of Muslims in Britain.

It is imperative, for the survival of our community, that we have a strong body of journalists and writers giving an authentic account of Muslim life in Britain. We’ll be covering news, community and society and British Muslims in a socio-political and economic context.

MuslimView is non-sectarian. We will rarely cover issues of theology as there are plenty of other sites devoted to theology.

You can contact us via our Contact Page.