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Thursday 30th June 2022

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

MuslimView is planning a series of workshops teaching Citizen Journalism around the country. Locations being considered are London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Bradford and Glasgow. In order to determine the demand for the workshops, we are asking all interested people to fill out a brief online form to register interest. The form is here:

What is Citizen Journalism?

Citizen journalism is journalism by members of the public who are not professional journalists, but are people who have experience, have some expertise in certain areas and who are able to present their ideas and thoughts very well. MuslimView believes firmly that the future of Muslim journalism lies in developing an interest in citizen journalism and then using this as a stepping stone into mainstream media. We plan to help nurture this through workshops that we are planning.

Muslims in Britain have stories to be told about a variety of subjects and topics other than terrorism, radicalisaion and Prevent. We are a vibrant and diverse community making a difference to the society we live in. We have unsung heroes who we should be celebrating and highlighting. We have artists, performers and creatives developing distinct British Muslim cultures. We have philanthropists and entrepreneurs helping people and driving the British economy. Educators, researchers and lecturers shaping the minds of the future and making significant discoveries that could change the world. There are so many untold and uncovered stories, past and present that need to be told, many of which are right on our doorsteps. Citizen journalism is the way to bring these stories out and start challenging the narrative and agenda that the mainstream media is setting about the British Muslim community.

What the workshop offers

Our instructor, a seasoned journalist working in mainstream media who specialises in teaching citizen journalism, will cover:

  • The news life-cycle
  • The difference between news, opinion, feature stories
  • Digital journalism
  • How to write an opinion and feature article with practical examples
  • How to pitch to mainstream publications
  • Developing writer ideas through to a compelling 150 word pitch
  • Post-workshop review of participant articles and follow up by the instructor

Who is the workshop for?

Anyone interested in journalism and writing for the press.

What will it cost?

The full day workshop is likely to cost £50 per delegate. This will cover the costs of the instructor, venue, refreshments and associated expenses. Any remaining amount will go back into developing and running

Register your interest  here:

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