Reimagining British Muslims
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Thursday 30th June 2022


All party parliamentary group on religious literacy in the media CTO attends an APPG on religious literacy in the media convened by MP Yasmin Qureshi. The meeting, at Westminster Palace, brought together people from politics and media to discuss the lack of religious literacy in the media.

APPG Religious literacy in the media

Is true religion always extremist?

Religious extremism isn’t a new phenomenon, so what makes the challenges we face today different from those that have come before? Is religious extremism really on the rise, or does it just have a new look for a modern, technologically-advanced age? Given the pressures caused by an expanding global population in an increasingly interconnected world, is a clash of faiths inevitable?

Why ‘no religion’ is the new religion

The British Academy hosts a series of talks on religion in society, MuslimView attend to hear Professor Linda Woodhead’s findings on a poll conducted on White British attitudes towards religion in Britain.

Professor Linda Woodhead