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Thursday 30th June 2022


Remembering poet Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore

Founder of, Omar Tufayl, shares his thoughts about his friend Poet Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore who tragically passed away after a battle with cancer. Whilst not a Brit, Abdal-Hayy left a lasting impact on many British Muslims that he came into contact with.

Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore (1940-2016)

The life and legacy of Hafiz Patel (1926-2016)

Hafiz Mohammed Patel, aged 90, died on 18 February 2016. One of Britain’s most influential Muslims, he founded and headed the European branch of the Tablighi Jama’at (TJ), frequently cited as the largest movement of grassroots Muslim renewal in the world, from its headquarters in the West Yorkshire town of Dewsbury.

Dewsbury Tablighi Jamat Markaz

Obituary: Michael Meacher – ‘Robin Hood in spectacles’

Veteran Labour MP for Oldham, Michael Meacher was one of the prominent deaths in 2015 for the Muslims community there. Dr. Shamim Miah remembers Michael Meacher.

Michael Meacher at the House of Commons

Sufi Abdullah (1923 – 2015)

Sufi Abdullah Sahib passed away in Birmingham on 12 February 2015 after five decades in the city and having a major impact on the Muslim community for Birmingham through is tireless efforts serving them.

Sufi Abdullah (1923 – 2015)