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Thursday 30th June 2022


Islamophobia set to be documented by all Police Forces

Prime Minister David Cameron announces that Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate will be recorded as a separate category by all police forces in England and Wales. This brings Islamophobia in line with anti-Semitic attacks which have been recorded separately for quite some time now. The move is broadly welcomed by Muslim groups and will go a […]

Anti Muslim Hate Crimes to be recorded by Police

Prevent Strategy – A Review

Under John Reid as Home Secretary, the Home Office was re-organised – he famously described it as being unfit for purpose. The office for Security and Counter-Terrorism was set up to take control of all counter-terrorism policy in government. Charles Farr was drafted in to lead this policy and with Gordon Brown as Prime Minister and Charles Farr as head of OSCT, there was considerable engagement with British Muslim communities.

Home Office