Reimagining British Muslims
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Thursday 30th June 2022


Institutional development – a look at the role of UK Councils for Mosques

Faith Associates CEO looks at the importance of regional and national ‘Council of Mosques’ initiatives and how they benefit the community across sectarian divides.

British imams amongst the most poorly paid

MuslimView has recently approached several imams employed in UK mosques to find out how much they are paid. The figures have been shocking.

British Imams amongst the most poorly paid

Safeguarding children – A prophetic practice

Shaukat Warraich, CEO of Faith Associates talks about the importance of Safeguarding children in mosques, madrassas and dar ul ulooms.

Faith Associates - Safeguarding Children

From victimhood to grasping opportunities

All legislation has its proponents and opposition, it has positive and adverse impact. The job of any government is to ensure that more citizens benefit from any given legislation and that there is equity of treatment. Good examples of this include legislation around forced marriage, female genital mutilation and the Immigration Act 2012. All of which were initially seen to be contentious but in actual fact have been very positive for the vast majority of people.

From Victimhood to Opportunity