Reimagining British Muslims
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Thursday 23rd September 2021


The Mesopotamia campaign from both sides of the trenches 1914-1917

The Ottomans and the Anglo–Indian Army both approached Mesopotamia as hostile terrain. This lecture explores the common experiences of all soldiers who fought on the Mesopotamian front, a campaign which marked the end of Ottoman rule and the beginning of Britain’s moment in the Middle East. Eugene Rogan is Professor of Modern Middle Eastern History […]

Some reflections on the Persian writings of al-Ghazali

Al-Ghazali’s Persian writings are discussed by Professor Carole Hillenbrand, OBE, FBA, FRSE Professor of Islamic History, University of St Andrews, and Professor Emerita, University of Edinburgh.

Is true religion always extremist?

Religious extremism isn’t a new phenomenon, so what makes the challenges we face today different from those that have come before? Is religious extremism really on the rise, or does it just have a new look for a modern, technologically-advanced age? Given the pressures caused by an expanding global population in an increasingly interconnected world, is a clash of faiths inevitable?

Straight Talk with Dr Jonathan Brown & Shaykh Shams Ad Duha

The focus on Islam and Muslims around the world is still intense. Over the last two decades, international media coverage of Islam and Muslims has been overwhelmingly negative, stereotypical, inaccurate – and, some claim, racist. The problem is so bad that in 2013 a range of journalists and editors from across print and broadcasting media in the UK insisted that the Leveson Inquiry should investigate how to hold the media to account for this shocking lapse in journalistic standards.