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Thursday 30th June 2022


40th anniversary of the World of Islam Festival

With Bucks County Museum putting on the Art of Islam festival, 40 years ago a major international festival called The World of Islam Festival was inaugurated. The founder, Dr Paul Ahmed Keeler spoke about the achievement at SOAS last month.

Festival of Islam SOAS

40th Anniversary of the ‘World of Islam Festival’

Our evening will look to celebrate and reflect with presentations and conversations with many of the original curators of the festival as well the architect of it all, Ahmed Paul Keeler. You are also invited to discuss the legacy and future of Islamic and Muslim heritage in Britain today. Speakers: Ahmed Keeler, Dr. Muhammad Isa […]

Re-Visiting the World of Islam Festival’ - A 40th Anniversary Celebration

Bucks County Museum: Art of Islam Festival

Bucks County Museum is proud to announce the Art of Islam Festival at a town near you from 26 March until 24 September!

The County Museum has brought talent and funding together from many sources to mount this superb programme of over 100 events taking place across Bucks. The centre piece exhibition at the County Museum in Aylesbury is the biggest exhibition of Islamic works of art ever held in the County. Treasures on display include carpets, paintings, furniture, metalwork, jewellery and splendid calligraphy from across the Near East, Pakistan and Muslim India.

Bucks Museum Art of Islam Festival

Sand in My Eyes: Sudanese Moments by Enikö Nagy

The photographer and author Enikö Nagy has spent several years collecting everyday moments – in photography and spoken word – from over 45 tribes and ethnic groups across 30,000km of Sudan in some of the hardest-to-access regions of the world to produce the English-Arabic bilingual poetic picture book Sand in My Eyes: Sudanese Moments, that this exhibition is drawn from.

Sand in My Eyes: Sudanese Moments by Enikö Nagy

Bejewelled Treasures: The Al Thani Collection

Discover the evolution and enduring influence of Indian jewellery from the Mughal Empire to the modern day. The exhibition will present over 100 spectacular items of Indian and Indian inspired jewellery, including precious jewels of breath-taking quality, exquisite enamelling and bejewelled ornaments.

Bejewelled Treasures: The Al Thani Collection