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Wednesday 18th May 2022


After Brexit, where do British Muslims go from here?

After Thursday’s referendum, there is no doubt we are going through a turning point in British history. Yet for Britain’s three million Muslims, as for the rest of the country, it is far too soon to know what all the implications will be. Yahya Birt offers some initial reflections.

Polling Station

Politics is politics – The EU referendum

With just days to go, Britain will decide this week on whether it should stay in the European Union. This is an important political moment. How should we vote? Should Britain leave the EU?

EU Referendum polling card

The MuslimView EU Referendum poll part 2

With a just a week left before the important EU Referendum, we are running the poll again, this time you don’t need a Twitter account to take part.

EU Referendum Poll and British Muslims

What the Sadiq Khan mayoral win means to me

Alchemiya CEO, Navid Akhtar, reflects on what it means for him to witness a son of immigrant Pakistani Muslim parents, from humble beginnings, rise through the ranks and become Mayor of London.

Sadiq Khan Mayor of London