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Wednesday 18th May 2022


Government whitepaper makes provision for Shariah-compliant student loans

The government, this month, published a whitepaper in which provision for making available Sharia-compliant student loans is outlined. This has been an area of great concern for Muslim students and their families since the introduction of university tuition fees under the Labour government nearly fifteen years ago.

Government makes provision for interest free loans

Prevent and teaching British values

Further education college teacher and performance coach, Zakiyah Khan, talks about her experiences in teaching white British teenagers British values and discussing the Government’s prevent agenda with them.

Class of Kids

British values at the expense of education?

Headteacher Ataullah Parkar argues that Muslim schooling organisations need to adopt a common approach to tackle the challenges set by the Government’s prevent agenda or risk schools becoming a sum of government regulations.

British Values at the Expense of Edcuation

Interview: Shaykh M. Imdad Hussain Pirzada founder of Jamia al-Karam

As Jamia Al-Karam reaches a landmark 30 years as a leading Muslim educational institute, MuslimView spoke with the founder, Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada, about his experiences in setting up and running the school, the struggles he faced, the successes that came, and his hopes and fears for the Muslims in Britain.

Sh M. Imdad Pirzada

Education: Keeping the Faith!

This summer, the nation’s 700,000 strong GCSE students celebrated another year of laudable results, with more youngsters passing than ever. Pupils from the vibrant and growing Muslim school population achieved fantastic results. But can Muslim schools bridge the gap between faith, education and the wider society? This August, thousands of pupils across the British Isles […]