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Wednesday 18th May 2022


Ramadan lockdown and the impact on the UK Muslim Charity Sector

Ramadan this year will be like no other Ramadan before it. The virus lockdown will mean that there will be no prayers in the Mosques or community iftars (opening of the fast). Ramadan will be at home with family. Ramadan is also a month when Muslims give their Zakat and increase their Sadaqa donations. Ramadan […]

Cross-Party Support for Human Appeal’s Ramadan Launch Campaign

Human Appeal celebrates 25 years of service, providing aid and development to some of the poorest nations and conflict zones around the world. MuslimView attended the 25th anniversary dinner where Channel 4 news journalist and present Jon Snow was the keynote speaker.

Jon Snow from Channel 4 News

Dates4Syria campaign to provide bread for Syrians

Dr. Ismail Ray, trustee of SKT Welfare Trust talks about their Dates4Syria campaign that is helping to provide bread, a basic staple for Syrians.

SKT Dates4Syria

Interview with CEO of National Zakat Foundation

MuslimView catches up with National Zakat Foundation’s CEO, Iqbal Nasim, to ask him about NZF’s activities and distribution of Zakat and Sadqah.
(photo credit: Rooful/

Iqbal Nasim, CEO National Zakat Foundation

Charity begins at home

As the bad weather set in and Storm Desmond hit the North West of Britain, Cumbria became victim to severe flooding leaving people without food, clean water and power. Many Muslim organisations rushed to help and were roundly commended by the victims and the media for this selfless act. MuslimView does a round up of the kinds of charity and aid work British Muslim organisations are doing.

Islamic Relief York Floods