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Wednesday 18th May 2022

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

MuslimView are saddened and shocked at the recent murder of MP for Batley and Spen at the hands of a far-right extremist with alleged mental health issues. Such incidents, although thankfully extremely rare, are an affront to the democracy we enjoy in Britain.  She was a tireless worker for her community and for disadvantaged people everywhere. By all accounts, she was a person of compassion and sought to bring people together and, as she said in her maiden speech, “…we are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with her husband, children, family and constituents.

Iqbal Bhana OBE, DL shares his thoughts on Jo, whom he knew very well.

From the moment I met her I was convinced that not only would she win the election but if the Labour Party was to a form a government she would rapidly make her mark. I did wonder how this petite woman would survive in such a male-dominated old-boy network. But she not only survived, she made her mark quickly and throughout the House of Commons and in the process gained tremendous respect. By doing so, Jo put Batley and Spen not just on the national map but on the international map also.

She was an incredible person to be around. She had this amazing smile which never left her face. I witnessed her working long hours during the election campaign and not once did I notice any sign of fatigue, tiredness or boredom. She had boundless energy. I once asked her where she gets this energy from and she said to me ‘There is so much work to do, we have no time to rest’. Her commitment to make the world a better place, her passion and dedication, her principles and values, her desire to help those who were less fortunate, her willingness to fight for the underprivileged whether they be here or abroad were all values that I wanted to support and emulate.

Jo was a hard-working constituency MP. She worked for everyone regardless of whether they had voted for her or not. She would work for every citizen in the constituency regardless of their politics, nationality, and religion. She had this unique ability to bring people together irrespective of their race or background.

She was a humanitarian of immense stature. In the words of Brendan, her husband, Jo believed in a better world. Jo would have wanted us to unite and fight against hatred. Hatred doesn’t have a creed or race or religion it is poisonous. We all need to work together, united in challenging hate wherever we may find it.

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