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Wednesday 18th May 2022


Who is behind MuslimView?
MuslimView is being set up by second generation British Muslims who are concerned about the level of anti-Muslim media coverage in the mainstream media. We feel that this is unrepresentative of what is happening, sometimes deliberately so, and we feel that it is now time to challenge this.

Do you have any political affiliation?
We are not affiliated individually or editorially with any of the mainstream political parties. Though we do believe it is imperative for British Muslims to engage with mainstream politics.

Are you associated with any particular Islamic school of thought?
We are Sunni Muslims and will keep to mainstream Sunni opinions. We are not affiliated with any particular school of thought. We will be seeking to encourage intra-faith Muslim co-operation and friendship.

Will you cover foreign news?
MuslimView will have a British focus. There are other websites that have an international focus.

Who funds you?
We will be seeking financial support through a distributed fundraising strategy that will ask many individuals to make small regular contributions towards the upkeep of MuslimView. We will also be seeking to raise money through advertising on the website.

Are you funded by government?
We are not funded by the British or any other government.

Are you a profit-making initiative?
No, we are a not-for-profit venture. Any profits made on an annual basis will be invested back into the development of MuslimView.

How can I help?
You can write for us, encourage people to write for us, let us know about some of the stories in your area and you can either donate yourself or encourage others to donate to MuslimView.