Reimagining British Muslims
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Monday 25th March 2019


MuslimView is an online news source for and about the British Muslim community.

Masud A. Khan
Editor / Webmaster

Masud has since the mid-90s ran one of the web’s first and well regarded websites on Islam ( He has been a keen blogger through his personal blog site ( for many years and has a wide social media following on Facebook and Twitter.

Atif Imtiaz

Atif has been involved in Muslim community life since the late eighties. He is a student of social psychology, his academic research was on how the media depicted Muslims during the Rushdie affair. He has also published a book ‘Wandering Lonely in a Crowd’ on British Muslims which was described as ‘compelling’ by Madeleine Bunting of the Guardian and ‘stunning’ by Charles Moore of the Telegraph.

Our Advisors

Saba Zaman
Community, Inter-Faith and Journalism Advisor

Saba Zaman is a radio producer, making award-winning programmes for the BBC and other major networks.

Yasir Mirza
Journalism Advisor

Yasir is a multi-award winning former head of diversity & inclusion and journalist at Guardian News & Media for the past 6 years. Yasir devised and ran citizen reporting/journalism training programmes with marginalised communities across the world, from Dalit’s in India, Aboriginal communities in Australia, Indigenous communities in the Amazon of Latin American, Asian communities in the USA, and rural communities in South Africa. He has presented on high level platforms, for the UN, Activate conferences in India & South Africa, and at the World Forum for Democracy Summit in France 2013. He also was 1 of 10 Muslim in the UK who contributed to a paper that went to the Leverson enquiry to influence a change in legislation how media covers Islam and Islamophobia. Yasir was also a senior consultant at the Media Diversity Institute, working on projects to develop and support journalists from dangerous parts of the world.