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Saturday 3rd December 2016

Bucks County Museum Art of Islam Exhibition and Festival Finishes with a Flourish

The Bucks County Museum's Art of Islam Exhibition and Festival had been in full flight since April this year and finished with a flourish at the end of September. Dr Siobhan Bygate recalls some of the key highlights of the event.



Shared traditions between Englishness and Islam

"The English have never been an easy species to define, and a significant academic industry thrives on attempts, usually futile, to pin them down. In the words of one recent academic study, they are ‘a curiously mysterious, elusive and little understood people’. But in this, the English are not alone. A no less murky cloud of unknowing hovers over the head of that other very diverse entity, that we refer to as the Muslim community." writes Tim Winter.

Institutional development – a look at the role of UK Councils for Mosques

Faith Associates CEO looks at the importance of regional and national 'Council of Mosques' initiatives and how they benefit the community across sectarian divides.

Placing profit before the Prophet?

As Muslims we are duty bound to keep trusts and be people of trustworthiness. It is the Sunnah, the Prophet was famed for being al-Amin even before revelation was given to him. Sadly, the concept of amanah has been eroded and needs to be reasserted, particularly in the area of trade.

Post Brexit xenophobia and racism

Britain's referendum decision to leave the European Union brings with it a rise in racism and xenophobia on the streets of Britain. We review some of the many and growing incidents reported in the press.

History of Asian Cricket in Yorkshire to be Celebrated

England cricketers Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid owe part of their success to early Asian migrants who played in local parks and set up teams and leagues over four decades ago. Now, a new project, ‘From Parks to Pavilions’ has been awarded a grant by the Heritage Lottery Fund to document the history of Asian cricket in Yorkshire. Image Courtesy of John Bolloten Photography ©

Book Launch - Generation M: Young Muslims changing the world

Shelina Janmohamed's new book, Generation M: Young Muslims changing the world, which looks at a growing segment of a new generation of Muslims who are hip, entrepreneurial and influential. This hyper-diverse, multi-national and multicultural demographic are young people whose faith still plays an important role in informing their consumer choices and their creativity.

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